About Us

Who Are We

Teqdad is the top marketing agency in Canada and India. We are a bunch of highly talented, creative people who focus on delivering genuine, measurable results for businesses. If you want to get noticed, we are the extra pair of hands, legs, eyes and of course, the mouth to spread the word. 

We are the people who focus on the minute details to tackle wider issues meticulously, the marketing geeks that decode the mysteries behind marketing so you stay ahead of competition.  We care for your marketing budget, so we spend it wisely and get real results. 

Our 6-D Process



We discover the best possible channels to harness the best in your brand in a rapidly changing marketing world.



We define each strategy by capturing and executing the results generated through the meaningful insights from various resources and make measurable campaigns



Our designs will boost your brand, grow your market, get more leads and sales, while our creatives will take your brand to a whole new level



We continuously develop and tweak our campaigns and we develop content for various platforms to suit the behaviour of each of them



Our visually appealing, digital journeys are tailor-made for each of our clients so they can connect with their audiences and make a powerful impact. 



Our approach lets us build powerful strategies for your brand and our creativity helps us explore new possibilities and new opportunities that expand your reach.

Why Choose Us?

Our intelligence and creativity opens the door to limitless possibilities through which you can grow your brand. We use each of our services so they can exponentially generate the results you’ve been waiting for.We combine the best of various digital marketing campaigns to create the most awe-inspiring concepts that audiences till accept and love.

Our designs would help unlock the power and value of your brand, and help you gain a creative advantage.

Our projects are designed to drive results in a convincing and creative way.

We have a very efficient support team who will guide you through the paths and take your business to a whole new level.

Examine the various platforms that deliver the best results from marketing campaigns to maximise your ROI.

You can enjoy the maximum value and potential from our services because we have experienced creative teams behind each project. 

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